Government Failure Articles: End of Liberty/Constitution

Uncle Sam is a THIEF!
Uncle Sam, the thief, taking citizens for a ride!!!
"I'm for a flat tax -- as long as the flat rate is zero.The object is to get rid of big government, not find a new way of financing it."
Harry Browne

  • Gold Standard Now!
  • "Ineptocracy"
  • Presidental Ineptitude
  • 6 Fixes to America's Fiscal Crisis
  • Reform 'Entitlements'
  • The Best Place in the World to be Born
  • US Government Debt Clock
  • Federal Government Sewage Leak!!
  • Personal Responsibility or Government?
  • Libertarian Party Platform - Amended 2012
  • The Great Destroyer!
  • The Great 'Equaliser'?
  • Government is for Elites!
  • Pay Your 'Fair Share'
  • The Bush Coup d'Etat

    Why Do We Need Term Limits?

    John Adams said, “Without [term limits] every man in power becomes a ravenous beast of prey”. That being said, here are some of the reasons we believe our country needs Term Limits.

    1. Term Limits can help break the cycle of corruption in Congress. Case studies show that the longer an individual stays in office, the more likely they are to stop serving the public and begin serving their own interests.
    2. Term Limits will encourage regular citizens to run for office. Presently, there is a 94% re-election rate in the House and 83% in the Senate. Because of name recognition, and usually the advantage of money, it can be easy to stay in office. Without legitimate competition, what is the incentive for a member of Congress to serve the public? Furthermore, it is almost a lost cause for the average citizen to try to campaign against current members of Congress.
    3. Term Limits will break the power special interest groups have in Congress.
    4. Term Limits will force politicians to think about the impact of their legislation because they will be returning to their communities shortly to live under the laws they enacted.
    5. Term Limits will bring diversity of people and fresh ideas to Congress.
    6. Term limits for lawmakers: when is enough, enough?

    [Editor's Note: If you want to get rich, i.e. advance from a low paying government bureaucrat job on the local or state level, THEN GET ELECTED TO THE US CONGRESS (House or Senate). Once you're elected, it's easy to steal from your campaign contributions or the Congressional budget allocated to your seat and staff. You can go on a government-funded junket with 'lavishly' paid expenses. The list of ways to steal from the government while in office is inexhaustible. There are only a few Congressmen who left Congress just wealthy instead of a multi-millionaire. Of course, there are several who arrived in Congress as multi-millionaires and don't need to steal from the government.]


    "An executive order of the President must find support in the Constitution, either in a clause granting the President specific power, or by a delegation of power by Congress to the President."

    "As of 1999, U.S. courts have overturned only two executive orders: the aforementioned Truman order and a 1995 order issued by President Clinton that attempted to prevent the federal government from contracting with organizations that had strike-breakers on the payroll. Congress was able to overturn an executive order by passing legislation in conflict with it during the period of 1939 to 1983 until the Supreme Court ruled in Immigration and Naturalization Service v. Chadha that Congress may not promulgate a statute granting to itself a legislative veto over actions of the executive branch inconsistent with the bicameralism principle and Presentment Clause of the United States Constitution.

    The loss of the legislative veto has caused Congress to look for alternative measures to override executive orders such as refusing to approve funding necessary to carry out certain policy measures contained with the order or to legitimize policy mechanisms. In the former, the president retains the power to veto such a decision; however, the Congress may override a veto with a two-thirds majority to end an executive order. It has been argued that a Congressional override of an executive order is a nearly impossible event due to the supermajority vote required and the fact that such a vote leaves individual lawmakers very vulnerable to political criticism.

    From: Executive Order

    [Editor's Note: CONgress is not concerned with performing its duty to check the power of the executive. Members of CONgress (House) who are elected every two years are only concerned with getting reelected (Senate every 6 years). One of several reasons for Term Limits.]



    1. NOAA forges temperature data
    2. Global Warming HOAX
    3. Afforable. Afforable. Afforable.
    4. EQUALITY: not needed or Possible
    5. Simulated CoS: Final Report
    6. Climate Change Hoax
    7. Imported Socialism
    8. Ban 1st Amendment & Scientific Method
    9. Letter to AZ Reps, in re: Convention of States
    10. Mark Levin: Convention of States
    11. RESTORE We the People Power!!
    12. Karl Marx Has Achieved His Goal
    13. Socialist Federal Government
    14. WITCH HUNT
    15. Socialist Scams Californians & America
    16. Corrupt Data & unscientifically Wild Assertions
    17. NO 'GLOBAL WARMING' for 18yrs
    18. Inconvient Facts: Learn to Build Igloos
    20. Socio-Fascist Politicians & Oblivious Religions
    21. The Perpetrators of Failure
    22. Fourier Socialism
    23. College Proselytization: Conditioning to Intolerance
    24. Student sues college for 1st amendment violation
    25. Die! Die! You bacon-eater!
    26. FDA & CDC 'science' fraud
    27. Defund Obamacare NOW!
    28. Dem Debate Winner(s)
    29. House sues Burwell & Loo
    30. 9 Step Plan to begin American Restoration
    31. Bill Maher: chickenhawk
    32. The Parasitic Worms
    33. Republicans: complicit Socialists
    34. Repeal Obamacare!
    35. The un-Affordable Tax-Fraud Act
    36. ObamaCare: Cataclysmic Economic Disaster
    37. Global Warning Fraud
    38. State of Earth: Better than ever!
    39. Dictator Obama to Dictator Hillary
    41. War on Cash: Gov Currency Card
    42. READ the BILLS!
    43. Tax Havens & the 'Greedy' Rich
    44. Keynesian Government Wealth Theft
    45. Appropriate Videos
    46. Repeal Obama-Reid-Pelosi-killer-Care
    47. The Libertarian State of the Union - 2015
    48. New Federal Golf regulations
    49. Government on Trial
    50. FCC Socialists Attack the Net!
    51. Cronyism & Obama(Tax)Care
    52. Internet: the last bastion of FREEDOM under fire!
    53. Healthcare Destruction by the PARASITE
    54. Lawyers & Minorities love Socialism
    55. Abolish Dept. of Education
    56. Collectivism
    57. Marx Framework is US
    58. Central Planning Always Fails
    59. Karl Marx
    60. Only "States" Can Subsidize Death
    61. Obamacare Predictions
    62. Today's "Mensheviks" are Democrats & Republicans
    63. Ted Cruz: Abolish IRS!
    64. Ron Paul: "All liberties in America today are under siege."
    65. America: Free Country?
    66. Rand Paul: Citizen co-sponsorship — What the entire CONgress should do!
    67. Massive Federal Failures
    68. The Obama-Gruber
      Tax Fraud Act
    70. Free Market Economic Destruction
    71. Surging Cost of Obamacare
    72. You don't own your property
    73. Election 2014: Democrats Popularity Down the Sh*tter!
    74. Wizard of OZ creates Utopia
    75. TOTAL INCOMPETENCE: What Difference Does It Make?
    76. Catching Pigs
    77. C-R-APITALISM: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars
    78. REPEAL Obamacare!!
    79. Equality – The Great Socialist Ideal
    80. Trashing Achievements
    82. Al Gore And The Church Of The Global Warmists
    83. 'McCarthy'-style witch-hunt by academics
    84. Drivers of Socialism: Jeff Thomas Interview
    85. Government/Political Theft
    86. Destroy Opponents: Attack Tactics
    87. WE the PEOPLE personally affected by Obamacare
    88. Unwillingness To Speak/Read English Is NOT a Disability
    89. Food Stamp Recipients Outnumber Women Who Work Full-Time
    90. U.S. Sues Co. For Requiring Workers to Speak English
    91. More Phoniness From The Phony Regime
    92. The "Social Contract" Is a Fraud
    93. Theft from the Rich
    94. "You Didn't Build That..."
    95. District of Obama
    96. Sociopaths: Lie to Get Elected
    97. Impeach Obama!
    98. High Crimes and Misdemeanors!
    99. Petition to Impeach Obama


    1. Unions think workers' wages belong to the union
    2. Right-to-work states WI & MI Teacher Unions Lose members
    4. Defeat of Andrew Puzder: forced-dues, Union Bosses paidoff CONgress
    5. Become a RIGHT to WORK STATE!
    6. Union Bosses Want a % of Your Paycheck
    7. Hillary: War on Right to Work
    9. Letter to AZ Reps, in re: Convention of States
    10. Mark Levin: Convention of States
    11. Stop Obama SCOTUS Appts
    12. Suuport Worker Freedom: Stop SCOTUS nominations
    13. Worker Freedom — only postponed!
    14. TELL CONgress: Vote NRTW
    15. Senators: BLOCK Labor Lackey Appointments
    16. Teacher Union violates Michigan RTW law
    17. Nat. Right to Work stopped NLRB!
    18. 'Shadowbosses' of the World Unite!
    19. Union Criminals: Pay Dues for vandals & thugs?
    20. Petition my CONgressional mis-Represetatives
    21. STOP 'Stealth Card Check'
    22. New Speaker: Pass National Right to Work!!
    23. Forced Unionism is TERMINAL
    25. Unions Control Governments at All Levels
    26. DEFUND NLRB!
    27. Union Violence is Legal
    28. Golf Workers to DUMP Union
    29. STOP Obama's out-of-control NLRB
    30. The National Right to Work
    31. National Right to Work Ballot
    33. Hold Big Labor's Puppets Accountable
    35. National Right to Work Blitz
    36. Oppose Forced Union Dues
    37. Demand ur senator vote yea S-391
    38. Wisconsin Right to Work Legal Defense
    39. Fourier Socialism
    40. Ron Paul: "All liberties in America today are under siege."
    41. Karl Marx Has Achieved His Goal
    42. Appropriate Videos
    43. Counter-Attack for Right to Work
    44. Rand Paul's National Right to Work Petition
    46. READ the BILLS!
    47. Dictator Obama to Dictator Hillary
    48. Rand Paul: Citizen co-sponsorship — What the entire CONgress should do!
    49. Massive Federal Failures
    50. 6 Myths About Right-to-Work Laws
    51. Unaccountable Union Make-work Job Failure
    52. Senate Bill 204: Summary
    53. Senate Bill 204: Support
    54. Help Fight Big Labor's "FORCED UNIONISM"
    55. Stop Card Check
    56. Union Bosses angry & fearful of loss
    57. Stop Forced Unionism!
    58. Stop Union Harassment on the job
    59. Right to Work Holds
    60. Harris v. Quinn
    61. Stop Forced Unionism! Call Your Reps!
    62. Right to Work Act Cosponsor Push
    63. Fear of Big Labor
    64. License to Kill !
    65. The 2012 Story of Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO union boss
    66. Tennessee Volkswagen Workers Reject UAW Representation
    67. Stop Forced Unionism
    68. NLRB: Election Ambush
    70. Government Employee Unions: THIEVES
    71. Barack says: ‘I owe those unions’
    72. Stop CARD CHECK!
    73. Big Labor's entire government-sector forced-dues racket
    74. Stop Forced Union Dues
    75. Statist Thugs
    76. Union Bankrupted Hostess for Generous Government Subsidies


    1. Hillary Decoration: Further Punishment for Massive Arrogance
    2. Arkansas Sudden Death Syndrome
    3. Hillary Clinton's Deposition?
    4. Judicial Watch: Discovery Plan
    5. Hillary, the exalted one
    6. Hillary's State Dept — $12mil to criminal in prison
    7. Dem Debate Winner(s)
    8. FOIA: Obama Gang Obstruction
    9. Hillary is radioactive: "What difference does it make?" (alternate)
    10. Hillary: The Dictator
    12. Dictator Obama to Dictator Hillary
    13. STOP Hillary PAC on Facebook
    14. Bill, Hillary, & Foundation sued under RICO
    15. Tea Party Against Hillary
    16. Veterans Against Hillary
    17. Stop Hillary's War on Women
    18. Pledge to Stop Hillary
    20. Fourier Socialism
    21. Appropriate Videos
    22. Time to Restore Limited Government
    23. CON gress: Enemies of the People
    24. The Food Stamp 'Award'
    25. Government Failure Dictionary: "Ineptocracy"
    26. Survey Example for the USA
    27. America's Best Days
    28. Term Limits: Constitutional Convention
    29. Articles & Videos that PROVE Excessive Congressional Over-Spending is the Problem
    30. CON gress & other Feds: No first class flying unless you buy the ticket
    31. Americans Want Nothing To Do With Fresh War In Iraq
    32. Stay Out Of Iraq
    33. No Further Intervention in IRAQ
    34. The Truth About Iraq
    35. Status of mid-East Nation Building
    36. Karl Marx Has Achieved His Goal
    37. Massive Federal Failures
    38. Democrats protect Hillary!
    39. Stop Hillary!
    40. Bungle in Benghazi, Coverup ... updated.
    41. Stop Hillary: Return Foreign Contributions
    43. Libertarian Party: Letter to Sen. Rand Paul
    44. Libertarian v Dems/Repubs
    45. FCC Socialists Attack the Net!
    46. Internet under fire! FREEDOM VIOLATION!
    47. Internet: the last bastion of FREEDOM under fire!
    48. Citizen Subpoena for Hill
    49. Clinton lackey threatens Gowdy
    50. Subpoena Hillary to Testify
    51. 26 Media Failures Reporting Benghazi
    52. SONY Hack
    53. New World Order
    54. IRS Armed-Robbery
    56. Hillary's PR Tripe
    57. Sociopathy Is Running the US
    58. Government 'shutdown'?
    60. CON gress: REAL SPENDING CUTS !!!
    61. Policies of State: Malignant to Liberty
    62. Bungle in Libya, Coverup
    63. Feds fear Constitutional Convention
    64. Contribute to STOP HILLIARY!
    66. The "REAL" Benghazi Story
    67. ABUSE of POWER
    68. Impeach Obama! Consumer Fraud!
    69. C-R-APITALISM: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars
    70. Articles of Impeachment Petition
    71. Crony Capitalism and Bribery
    72. The Bungle in Iraq!
    74. IMPEACH Obama!!
    75. Benghazi Cover Up
    76. Benghazi Survery
    77. EPA Chief flies 1st class; Says we shouldn't
    78. Iran Deal: 6 truths
    79. CONgress: 6 reasons to reject Iran deal
    80. Super-Clown Committee: Historical Perspective
    81. Hypocrisy of Harry
    82. Story of Senator Slander
    83. Harry's Rule-Breaking
    84. Playing The Reid Card, 4/28/14 by Bob Livingston
    85. USD: Reserve Currency for how long?
    86. Federal Government Insolvency
    87. Dump Boehner (since 2014)
    88. Demand Speaker Bonehead Subpoena Hillary's Emails
    89. Defeat Speaker Bonehead 2016
    90. Demand Harry Reid's Resignation
    91. Stop Harry Reid!
    93. Dump Bonehead Boehner!
    94. FIRE 'Bonehead' Boehner!
    95. REMOVE John Boehner
    96. Trey Gowdy for Speaker!


    1. Central Planning: destruction of former FREE MARKETS
    2. Afforable. Afforable. Afforable.
    4. CAGW Porker of the Month (& Liar)
    5. Other People's Money
    8. Convention Of States—Fed Emplyee Civil Disobedience
    9. "There's nothing more expensive than 'free'!", said Chuckie Shiner.
    10. How to Make America Great Again! (amendment 2)
    12. US Gov: Sewage Problem
    13. The Perpetrators of Failure
    14. Regulators: Economic Destruction
    15. Innumerable, Unaccountable Agencies: (DEFICIT & DEBT)
    16. Unaccountable, politicized, disruptive, unnecessary agencies MUST GO!
    17. Repeal Laws that Created Today's Illegal, Unconstitutional Agencies
    18. The Next "Big" War
    19. The REINS Act, restoring accountability
    20. How to "Drain the Swamp"(amended)
    21. CAGW's Porker of the Month
    22. Examples of Reckless, Wasteful Spending
    23. Trump's government: "drain the swamp"?
    24. Secretary Perry: the Great Abolisher—I can't wait!
    25. Dinosaurs are extinct; Eliminate Agencies
    26. The Swamp Remains...
    27. Mark Levin: Convention of States
    28. RESTORE We the People Power!!
    29. Trump & reform of federal leviathan
    30. Imported Socialism
    31. Un-Affordable Socialist Tax Fraud Act
    32. Planet Debt
    33. Feds Budget in pictures; Cut it 50%
    34. Collusion: Chief Justice Roberts 'scared' by Obama & Hillary
    35. Simulated CoS: Final Report
    36. The Article Five Convention: Proven to Work
    37. Sovereign States of the Union?
    38. Letter to AZ Reps, in re: Convention of States
    39. Socialism forces Venezuelans to eat garbage
    40. Cost of War for 2016 thru 2053
    41. Citizen Terrorists
    42. Socialism Destroys Free Markets & Your Future
    43. List of Trump Promises
    44. America's Current Direction
    45. Orlando: Blame the FBI & Obama
    46. Border 'Nazi' Zones Don't Stop Illegals
    47. Government: Better than Capone's Protection Racket
    48. GAO: Feds' financial statements unaccountable
    49. The Two-Party Illusion
    50. Libertarians: CUT GOVERNMENT!
    52. Direct Taxation IS Robbery!
    53. Is taxation impractical?
    54. COMMENT: Is taxation impractical?
    55. Libertarians: CUT GOVERNMENT!
    56. America's Future?
    57. Covertly: 6 Military Bases to House Illegal Immigrants
    58. Politician Saviour
    59. Union Staffers write Bills; Most mis-Reps Don't Read but Vote
    60. Homeland Big Brother: America's Gestapo
    61. ISIS: On the Border
    62. Government Corruption: the worst type, and more and more
    63. FDA & CDC 'science' fraud
    65. The Message of FREEDOM
    66. Reform Drug Policy 2016
    67. Drugs: Legalize,Tax, Regulate
    68. CAGW: Rancid Pig of the month
    69. Cause of Financial Failure: Political Fear & Overeaction
    70. Out-of-control spending
    71. Republicans: complicit Socialists
    72. The un-Affordable Tax-Fraud Act
    73. The L-E-J Cabal
    74. Judicial Watch sues Gov for Illegal Alien records
    75. Judicial Watch sues DHS: 36000 Criminal Aliens
    76. Socio-Fascist Politicians & Oblivious Religions
    77. Schools Ordered to Help Illegal Aliens, Hold “Undocumented Immigrant Awareness Day”
    78. Armistice Day: folly of the 'Political Class'
    79. Die! Die! You bacon-eater!
    80. House sues Burwell & Loo
    81. Socio-Fascist Politicians & Oblivious Religions
    82. Libertarians vs Trump
    83. Government Criminals
    84. W's Legacy: Look what 9/11 has wrought
    85. 14 more “incredible facts” about 9/11
    86. 9 Step Plan to begin American Restoration
    87. Today's Economic Failure or Gold Standard
    88. The Parasitic Worms
    89. Trump for President?
    90. Stand with Trump?
    91. A Real "Fair Tax"
    92. Federal Reserve Train Wreck
    93. The Greatest Insolvency
    94. Dump Cable TV. Also, go here
    95. Charlie Daniels praises CONgress
    96. Bill Maher: chickenhawk
    97. The Bush Coup d'Etat
    98. Dictator Obama to Dictator Hillary
    99. War on Cash: Gov Currency Card
    100. Feds: Criminalize Cash
    102. Wealth Confiscation
    103. READ the BILLS!
    104. Central Planning to the MAX!
    105. Tax Havens & the 'Greedy' Rich
    106. Keynesian Government Wealth Theft
    107. The Libertarian State of the Union - 2015
    108. Fourier Socialism
    109. The Regulatory-Industrial Complex
    110. High Economic Cost of Regulations
    111. Rounds (R-S.C.) - Review, Modify, or Eliminate Regulations
    112. CON gress: REAL SPENDING CUTS !!!
    113. Appropriate Videos
    114. Government on Trial
    115. Government Surveillance — Of You!
    117. Libertarian Party: Letter to Sen. Rand Paul
    118. Libertarian v Dems/Repubs
    119. Cost of DEA & 'Justice': Drug War Lost!
    120. Drugs: Legalize,Tax, Regulate
    121. End Export-Import Bank Cronyism
    122. Government Waste, Fraud, & Abuse!
    123. GAO Improper Payments Report
    124. EPA Administrator: Pig of the Month
    125. FCC Socialists Attack the Net!
    126. Feds: Austerity? (ha ha)
    128. Eliminate Marxist Income Taxes
    129. FED Mandate: STEAL!
    130. Big Government Politicians
    131. Thomas Jefferson: Private Banks
    132. Federal Reserve: The Cause of Financial Failure
    133. Karl Marx Has Achieved His Goal
    134. Ron Paul: "All liberties in America today are under siege."
    135. America: Free Country?
    136. National League Taxpayers: Balanced Budget Amendment
    137. Internet: the last bastion of FREEDOM under fire!
    138. Internet under fire! FREEDOM VIOLATION!
    139. Eliminate Corporate Taxes
    140. Ted Cruz: Abolish IRS!
    141. Rand Paul: Citizen co-sponsorship
    142. You don't own your property
    143. Immigration History & Solution
    144. New Federal Golf regulations
    145. IRS Tyranny: Citizens renounce
    146. Statist Destruction of Freedom
    147. Free Market Economic Destruction
    148. Status of mid-East Nation Building
    149. Libertarian Party: Letter to Sen. Rand Paul
    150. Policies of State: Malignant to Liberty
    151. Ron Paul: Blame the Federal Reserve
    152. Decline, Decay, Denial, Delusion, And Despair
    153. SWISS: Nov. vote for GOLD!
    154. The Golden Age: Free Markets
    155. Fiscal Irresponsibility of CONgress
    157. Restore Gold Standard
    158. Gold and Economic Freedom
    161. C-R-APITALISM: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars
    162. US Gov't: largest sub-prime debtor
    163. State(s) may secede!
    164. EPA stonewalls CON gress
    165. Soaring Electricity Cost
    166. Free Markets vs. Government
    167. End of U.S. Petrodollar
    168. The Murder of the Middle Class
    169. Regulation Change? EPA Controls More USA Land
    170. TX Gov. Perry: National Guard on border
    171. ABOLISH the IRS!
    172. Today's "Mensheviks" are Democrats & Republicans
    173. Faux Economic Scientists
    174. Audit the FED
    175. Libertarians: Let'em In
    176. 2014 Index of Economic Freedom
    177. CON gress is for sale
    178. "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"
    179. Federal Reserve: The Cause of Financial Failure
    180. Audit the Federal Reserve!
    181. Keynesians:The New Useful Idiots
    182. Audit the FED to provide evidence for abolishment!
    183. Federal Reserve 'Rubber Bucks' Cause of Financial Failure
    184. GOLD STANDARD limits government!!
    185. State Sovereignty and the 10th Amendment
    186. Parasitic Death of the Economy
    187. Economist: ignorant of what enables economic growth
    188. The Washington Pig "trough"
    189. Bar Stool Economics
    190. Theft from the Rich: The 'unfairness' of Income Inequality
    191. Government Induced Failure of America
    192. FED tells CON gress to get out of the way!


    1. Deep State Central Bank
    2. IRS Tyranny
    3. SOLUTION: completely Free Market
    4. Government Criminals
    5. Integrity, Truth, and Independence
    6. Dog in the Manger, the Democrat brethren
    7. Corruption: Today's standard (amended)
    8. Convention of States Action Blog
    9. Case for Term Limits
    10. Benevolent Totalitarianism
    11. Planet Debt
    12. Simulated CoS: Final Report
    13. Elimination of Reason
    14. Cause of Government Mismanagement
    15. DEA is a Thief!
    16. Letter to AZ Reps, in re: Convention of States
    17. Mark Levin: Convention of States
    18. RESTORE We the People Power!!
    19. If You Vote, You Accept Status Quo
    20. SOLUTION: Convention of States
    21. IRS corruption: government employees
    22. Planet Debt
    23. DHS Porker Jeh Johnson
    24. Media Hype
    25. Absolute Power Corrupts!
    26. Repeal the Surveillance State Act
    27. HR 1466 Text
    28. HR1466: how it does it
    29. NSA & FBI want your keys
    30. Federal Dictatorship
    31. Imperial Presidents
    32. Propaganda of "reverse semantics"
    33. America: Free Country?
    34. Karl Marx Has Achieved His Goal
    35. Fear Evokes Irrationality
    36. Surveilling U.S. Facility on Mexican Border: Obvious Terrorist?
    37. An 'Obvious Terrorist'
    38. Death by Police - 2015
    39. WARNING!!
    40. Hillary, the exalted one
    41. NeoCon Legacy: Syria & ISIS & EU disaster
    42. True Conspiracy Theories
    43. Libertarians vs Trump
    44. W's War: the Creation of ISIS
    45. W's Legacy: Look what 9/11 has wrought
    46. 14 more “incredible facts” about 9/11
    47. Discrict Court shutdown NSA
    48. Judicial Watch: Obama Justice Dept Closes Obama IRS Investigation
    49. Homeland Big Brother: America's Gestapo
    50. ISIS: created; new Saddam on the way!
    51. STOP the Surveillance State!
    52. Read text of S. 754
    53. Defund Obamacare NOW!
    54. Policing for Profit: Government Theft
    55. Stop ALL civil asset forfeiture! Due Process required!
    56. Policing for Profit: Gorman
    57. Asset forfeiture: Policing for Profit, NV needs money
    58. IRS Armed-Robbery
    59. All powerful agencies: "Policing for Profit"
    60. Police State: SWAT
    61. The King Lives!
    62. Ron Paul: "All liberties in America today are under siege."
    63. Government is POLICE Power!
    64. Border 'Nazi' Zones Don't Stop Illegals
    66. Nazi Zone
    67. When Should You Shoot a Violator of Rights?
    68. IRS Enemies List
    69. ISIS: On the Border
    70. Hillary: The Dictator
    71. 9 Step Plan to begin American Restoration
    72. Charlie Daniels praises CONgress
    73. Police State: ND's weaponized drones
    74. CA Gov Brown to Steal Land
    75. Sue NSA for 4th Amend violations
    76. Seditionists should be confined
    77. Judicial Watch sues DHS: 36000 Criminal Aliens
    78. The Next "Big" War
    79. The Perpetrators of Failure
    80. The Greatest Insolvency
    81. The Parasitic Worms
    82. Fourier Socialism
    83. US Prohibition Failure, version 2
    84. Iran Deal: 6 truths
    85. CONgress: 6 reasons to reject Iran deal
    87. You don't 'own' your property
    88. Dictator Obama to Dictator Hillary
    89. War on Cash: Gov Currency Card
    90. Feds: Criminalize Cash
    91. Cyprus States of America
    92. Keynesian Government Wealth Theft
    93. Wealth Confiscation
    94. Tax Havens & the 'Greedy' Rich
    95. READ the BILLS!
    96. Repeal NDAA: indefinite detention
    97. Join Rand's Filibuster
    98. Rand Paul: End Illegal NSA Spying
    99. Sign stop NSA illegal spying petition
    100. The Libertarian State of the Union - 2015
    101. Appropriate Videos
    102. Government on Trial
    103. Tell Senate to vote NO!
    104. NSA: I Want Your 'Keys' !
    106. Libertarian Party: Letter to Sen. Rand Paul
    107. Libertarian v Dems/Repubs
    108. Asset Forfeiture
    109. Ted Cruz: Abolish IRS!
    110. Big Government Politicians
    111. FCC Socialists Attack the Net!
    113. Rand Paul: Citizen co-sponsorship — What the entire CONgress should do!
    114. Lawyers & Minorities love Socialism
    115. LIBERTY!
    116. You don't own your property
    117. Feds fear Constitutional Convention
    118. American Pathology: Loss of Liberty
    119. 'Emergency' by negligence
    120. Internet: the last bastion of FREEDOM under fire!
    121. Internet under fire! FREEDOM VIOLATION!
    122. Lois Lerner's Secret Research Project
    123. Collectivism
    124. 'F*ck the Police!'
    125. Gov't causes violence against Gov't
    126. Free Market Economic Destruction
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    2nd Amendment

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      "The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Government Itself"

      "The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Government Itself"

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    64. Capitalism: the Greatest Economic Framework
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    [Editor's Note: Citizens who have paid in to Socialist Insecurity (SS) all their working lives vehemently protest any tampering with SS. However, SS was installed as a government program in 1935 when the world was in Depression. Franklin Roosevelt (FDR) deserves the dubious credit for the massive expansion and, eventually, today's federal government with all of its ancillary agencies that regulate --- EVERYTHING --- to restrict life, liberty and property (probably happiness too!). What president since FDR hasn't added a new Department or Agency?

    FDR confiscated all domestically owned gold (which provided total control of the dollar) and used his newly gained power to inflate the dollar (dilute its value using the FED) and expand his contemporary view of American socialism. The Communist Revoluion with Marxist 'economics' and Karl's manifesto was popular in the US from 1917 thru FDR's reign and on. FDR could have passed a ham sandwich in those days. SS is just another source of revenue for government socialists. SS is a SOCIALIST program disguised as a "safety net" This so-called "safety net" is the personal piggy-bank of the federal government. CON gress has bought votes over the decades by enabling the use of SS funds for all manner of other unrelated outflows such as today's very fraudulently abused SS Disability expenditures whereby there is an entire legal structure used to steal from SS.

    If government had established a PRIVATE savings plan (like CON-gress has for itself) where citizens own their account but cannot withdraw from the account until retirement age, SS would be solvent today and government couldn't (legally) ROB it like today. Lastly, and more important, SS would have a positive return-on-investment (ROI) and at least 30% free cashflow instead of paying recipients more than its investments earn. Currently, SS has a negative ROI. Leave to the thieves to waste the citizens' mandatory deposits.

    Our 'mis-representatives' represent only themselves --- NOT their constituents! Mis-reps are on a power trip to gain more and more power over us. An informal historical study of the last 120 years with Teddy's "trust-busting", depression, recessions, world wars, 'police actions', and inflationary devaluation of the dollar (most of which was caused by government) shows that each event was used as an excuse to tighten the control over citizens.

    Our mis-representatives have legislated themselves an increasingly larger slice of the economic pie while slowly destroying the private economy which provides their piece of the pie. CONgressional budgets purposely give a generous share of their confiscated pie to government employees to bribe them for their support. These incentivized bureaucrats generate oppressive regulations to enforce laws that are by CONgressional intent vaguely and ambiguously written to enable the writing of almost any enforcing regulations which increase the power and control of the feds. Mis-representatives sit high above those who testify and make their photo-opportunistic tirades to impress the public and the suckers of AmeriKa who vote for the best speech --- not the proof of a real representative's effort to downsize government and remove government intrusion from American life. Central Planning will INEVITABLY FAIL !

    The government procedure for gaining complete, totalitarian control of the nation is first to 'help' everyone become dependent on government, either by supporting people financially or eliminating all choices except the government choice. The three branches collusively and secretly behind the scene write VERY GENERAL, VAGUE, and AMBIGUOUS laws enabling the Executive to promulgate any regulations they want that enforce the laws and further restrict freedom. When the law and its regulations are challenged in court, the court just agrees with the government or reinterprets the law favorably for the government. COLLUSION, CONSPIRACY, GAMING the SYSTEM! Then, government can do anything it wants. These government power-freaks will succeed at one and only one thing: the government will drive companies off-shore and cause the creation and expansion of a black market for all goods and services that will destroy the economy. Eventually, all citizens who can leave America will expatriate to a more favorable country. Government in this country was NEVER envisaged to consume 40% of the economy and NEVER meant to meddle in the lives of FREE people.


    Government bureaucrats want their jobs and they keep them by gaining more and more power and control over their serfs and slaves (us). Government produces NOTHING. Government is a PARASITE that lives off the producers, i.e. private business and entrepreneurs who make and sell a product and employ millions of people who are ripped-off by government.


    "I want a government small enough to fit inside the Constitution." - Harry Browne (1933-2006)

    "The American heritage WAS one of individual liberty, personal responsibility and freedom from government ... Today, it is the government that is free — free to do whatever it wants. There is no subject, no issue, no matter that is not subject to legislation." - Harry Browne


    Since CON-gress supposedly holds the "purse strings" and If CON-gress REALLY wants to redeem itself in the view of voters and correct the most dangerous runaway spending disaster in the history of the federal government, CON-gress should NEVER increase the Debt Ceiling again and then DEFUND fifty (50) percent of all government programs because the Executive Branch will NOT cut spending by performing its required executive function. The bureaucrats and union bosses control America. The spending can ONLY be controlled and decreased by DEFUNDING all but the necessary and Constitutional departments, i.e. Defense, Treasury, State, and Justice.

    It is a Keynesian FALLACY that reductions in government spending or eliminations of bogus, boondoggle departments will harm the economy. All one should know is that centrally-planned, communist systems FAIL!

    If our private economy were not so badly damaged by a taxing, intrusive, hyper-regulatory, centrally-planned government, even the most unqualified, terminated government employees who languish at work doing nothing on their "make-work" jobs could find employment tomorrow at Wal-Mart or McDonalds.

    "I'm for a flat tax -- as long as the flat rate is zero. The object is to get rid of big government, not find a new way of financing it." Harry Browne



    The FairTax is a consumption tax unilaterally applied to all Americans at the same rate. For businesses, payroll taxes would no longer exist. Our exports would include a heavy tax for overseas buyers purchasing our products, while our imports would be cheaper for us to purchase. I'm not sure how this would affect GDP, as more information is necessary.

    According to the FairTax website, "Under the FairTax, every person living in the United States pays a sales tax on purchases of new goods and services, excluding necessities due to the prebate." The prebate gives every legal resident household an "advance refund" at the beginning of each month so that purchases made up to the poverty level are tax-free.

    So a family of four making something like $50,000/year should not have to pay taxes, thus preventing an unfair burden on low-income families. Since the FairTax eliminates both federal and payroll taxes, you get to keep your gross pay amount of each paycheck earned.